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Meet the Teacher Mr Babcock and our assistants Mrs Nagington and Mrs Mensforth

Year 5 September 2018


During this year I expect all children to make significant progress in all areas of school life. I will provide work that will be challenging, in an exciting and motivational way. This year we will be teaching The New National Curriculum which involves teaching Art, History and Geography within a relevant and exciting topic. Our topic this term is ‘A United Kingdom’. We are now looking at the Anglo-Saxon invasion and what life would be like at this time.


Some members of our class have been busy supporting our younger children on the yard at lunch times. They will undertake their training at the beginning of October. Most of our class have volunteered to be ‘PALS’. This involves children working with younger pupils teaching them playground games. Some old favourites as well as new inventions introduced by our class are used to make playtimes more exciting and fun.


Your child might be asked to complete some research at home or find things to use in the classroom as extra activities. We would be grateful if you could support us in this matter. It would help if they had access to the internet but there is always the local library or going round to their friend’s house to work together! Reading – Your child is expected to read on a nightly basis for between 10-15 minutes, either to an adult, older brother or sister or to themselves. Your help with this will be invaluable.

Times Tables are to be learnt as an ongoing exercise.  We aim, at the end of year 5, to have the majority of children up to speed on all of their times tables and it would be advantageous to the development of your child to keep checking their progress at home. Regular practise on TT Rock Stars would be beneficial.


Year 5 will be doing homework the same as previous years. Each week your child will be given three topics linked to our work that week. This is an opportunity for your child to show their imagination and creativity. Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and is to be completed by the following Monday. On Monday mornings we peer assess each other’s work and award house points based on effort and creativity. So far this year I have been impressed by the standard of work produced and hope this will continue throughout the year.



At Buckshaw we aim to provide children with 2 hours of P.E per week and therefore your child’s P.E lessons will be as follows: P.E. lessons –Thursday afternoons and Friday morning’s weather dependant.

We hope your child has a happy and successful year. Please remember that children make better progress if teachers and parents work closely together. If you are worried about anything, do not hesitate to come in and have a chat, or ring up, I am almost always available!


Mr Babcock Year 5 Teacher


We had great fun in Science learning about state of matter

We all did our PALS training so we can play games with the younger children at playtime’s.

We helped to plant some oak trees down Astley Park, we can’t wait to watch how they grow!

We looked at the world on a large map, it was so big it filled the school hall!

We had a trip to Leyland Police Station as part of our P.S.H.E lessons.