School Council 2019-2020

Welcome to our School Council page where you can find out all about our current and previous School Council groups.

Here is some information from PowerPoint that we shared in assembly to introduce our new School Council for 2019-2020. Each class member had the opportunity to put themselves forward to be elected as a member of the School Council. The class members then voted to decide on who they wanted to represent their class this year.

Who Represents You?

Year 1- Aida and Tyrell

Year 2- Bobbie-Jo and Cole

Year 3- Aaliah and Jamie

Year 4- Lexy and Ethan

Year 5- Tamia and Katie

Year 6- Jack and Jacob

Sports- Chloe and Isaiah

What we do:

We meet every half term with a member of staff to discuss school events and changes. We’ll also let you know any news from these meetings.

Any of you can talk to any of us at any time to let us know if you have a worry or concern about something at school or even if you have a great idea you would like to make happen.

Our Current Projects:

  • During our first meeting we elected some of the members of our team to act as the following:
  • Chairperson (to run the meeting)
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary (to write the motes from the meeting)
  • Vice secretary
  • We also decided to write a letter to Mrs Brooks to ask for an outdoor reading area at play time so that there is a place to go for the children that want to relax at play or lunch time. We will keep you updated on our response.

How to Get in Touch:

We are always ready to listen but you can get in touch with us in different ways.

  • Talk to us when you see us around school.
  • Put a suggestion to your class representative and they can share it at our next meeting.
  • Write a letter and give it to one of us.
  • Ask questions when we give feedback to the class from our recent meeting.

School Council 2018/19

In September 2018, we had a vote to decide who was going to represent School Council. The children that were chosen to represent were:

Noah & Lola from yr1

Daisy & Jamie from yr2

Ethan & Ellissia from yr3

Grace & Alfie from yr4

Enzo & Ethan from yr5

Tyler & Karolina from yr6

Adam & Ilyana (Sports Council) from yr6

Our first idea in September was to introduce toast every morning break. The teachers agreed with this and made it happen. All of the children were overjoyed about the idea. Throughout the year more and more children have taken up this opportunity and are now concentrating more in class because they are not feeling hungry in the lesson before lunch.

In January, we decided to ask Mrs Brooks if we could hold a cake sale to make some money for play time resources so that we didn’t get bored at lunch time. One of our team members wrote a letter to Mrs Brooks and she agreed that this was a great idea. Two of our team members made posters to place around school. One Friday the children were allowed to bring in 50p to purchase a cake from our stall and the money raised was put towards some new lunch time equipment.

In March, Mrs Brooks asked for the school council to meet to discuss whether we still required an ICT suite in school or whether the room could be put to other uses. We argued for and against having and ICT suite and decided that due to there being a laptop and iPad bank in school, this room could be used for a different purpose. It was decided that the computers in the ICT suite would be moved to the KS1 shared area and placed in classrooms. This room is now used as another classroom and learning space for the children in KS2.

The sports representatives also discussed that many children were not wearing the correct PE kit in school. We had a vote and took action. We decided that the sports representatives would make some posters to place around school to remind children of the correct kit to wear in PE lessons.

Throughout the year we came up with more ideas such as:

  • Quiet area / Reading bench
  • Outdoor teaching in enjoyable weather
  • End of year fair
  • More toasters because it was time consuming for staff
  • Better glue sticks

We tried our best to make many of the ideas reality. Although we didn’t get everything we wanted, we feel like we made our time at Buckshaw better. Thank you for reading!

Yours Sincerely,

School Council Representatives