In Reception Class our teacher is Mrs Robinson

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Sharples.

Mrs Tunnacliffe will teach Reception Class on a Wednesday afternoon.

Reception Class is also known as ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ and the children are assessed throughout the year against the developing age bands in the ‘Early Years Progression Document’. Most of our learning is play-based and the teaching will be planned around the different stages that each individual child is currently working at. This will then provide every child with the opportunity to progress along the age bands and reach their potential.

The children in Reception Class spend much of their time accessing the free choice resources in their environment, which is planned for through continuous provision. They also spend time each day working on small focused group tasks, which are guided by an adult.

As part of our continuous provision we have a fantastic outside area which has a soft-play surface and shelter. The outside area is open most of the day and therefore it is essential that your child has a warm, waterproof coat (named please). Every week we plan activities in Astley Park linked to our outdoor learning.

In Reception Class we will be planning through topics that focus on the children’s interests. To start the school year we are concentrating on ourselves and our families. Many of our teaching activities are multi-sensory, encouraging children to use all their senses and extend their experiences. We will also be experimenting with sounds, encouraging children to listen carefully, copy sounds and repeat rhythms. This will improve their ability to hear sounds within words and develop their reading and writing skills.

In Reception Class P.E is taught as separate lessons and our P.E days are Tuesday and Friday. Please remove all jewelry (including earrings) on these days and tie back long hair.


As we assess the children and their development throughout the year, we would like to welcome your input so that we can create a profile that shows a picture of the whole child, rather than just the child we see in school.

The children will be sent home with an ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ or ‘Phonics Bug’ book. Please make sure that this is in their book bag each day as the day they read with an adult may vary each week. The children will also have a ‘Phonics Book’ so that they can practice writing the sounds as we learn them. There is also a ‘Homework Book’ with suggestions of activities that you can carry out practically or within this book.

Ways to help your child:

  • Find time to listen to them read an allow them to sound out any words they are unsure of before telling them the word (we suggest 10 minutes each night).
  • Help your child to complete their ‘Phonics Book’ by recognising the sounds and names of the letters and practicing writing them.
  • Encourage your child to complete some of the suggested homework activities.
  • Try to model back the correct language to your child if they make a mistake when speaking (words or sentence structure).

The LCC public health team have put together some useful
information on the LCC website on school readiness.

A guide for parents to help navigate through the Early
Years Foundation Stage framework

A parents guide to the current Early Years Foundation Stage
Framework can be found here.

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