Phonics is a major teaching area that starts in Nursery Class and runs through Reception into KS1. The teaching of phonics is essential in the teaching of children to read. At Buckshaw we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ in Reception via the ‘Lancashire Teaching Plans’. We use ‘Phonics Bug’ reading books by Pearson as this is aimed at the initial sounds we teach our children. Our main reading scheme in school is Oxford Reading Tree; we have a wide range of books that we use when teaching children to read. We then supplement this scheme with Oxford University Press’s ‘Project X’ which is aimed at boys who are still struggling in Year’s 2 & 3.

From Year One, all children follow the New National Curriculum. There is an emphasis on the core subjects of English and mathematics during the activities each morning. We also deliver a short daily lesson on Personal, Social and Health Education usually through SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) resources. Science, Religious Education, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL – KS2 only) and Physical Education are the other subjects to which much time is dedicated. The foundation subjects of art & design, design technology, history, geography and music are covered through our ‘Creative Curriculum’ in the afternoons and are topic based. Science can either be taught through the creative curriculum or as a stand-alone

All children are regularly assessed by their teachers via observation and some classes via formal tests. The pupils in Y2 and Y6 are given National Curriculum Assessments (formerly known as SATs) whilst the other Key Stage 2 children sit the ‘tests’ for their age groups. Baseline assessments are made of the children in their first month in the Reception Class, and a phonics test is administered at the end of Y1. All staff operate teacher assessments on all their children so they always know whether or not they meet ‘End of Year age expectations’, tests merely confirm this.