Welcome to Buckshaw Nursery Class!!

All about us

Throughout the year we plan to cover the following topics. However, we focus on following children’s interests, therefore it is possible that our topics will change to reflect the interests of the children.

Autumn Term:

  • All About Me
  • Friendship
  • Autumn
  • Our Senses
  • Halloween
  • People Who Help Us
  • Diwali
  • Christmas

Spring Term:

  • Winter
  • Arctic Animals
  • Traditional Tales/Once upon a Time
  • Pancake Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Spring
  • New Life (Easter)

Summer Term:

  • Where We Live
  • Summer
  • Holidays/The Seaside
  • Children’s Art Week


Home Learning Resources

Mrs Clarke – Counting Songs

Mrs Warrington – Little Lumpty Dumpty Story

Mrs Treadwell – Playdough

Mrs Clarke – Phonics, the letter ‘S’

Mrs Whittaker – Phonics, the letter ‘S’

Mrs Whittaker – Repeated Pattern One

Mrs Whittaker – Repeated Pattern Two

Mrs Whittaker – Repeated Pattern Three

Mr Manchester – Salt dough Dinosaurs Pt1  

Mr Manchester – Salt dough Dinosaurs Pt2

Small World Dinosaurs 

Mrs Clarke Shake, shake, shake and stop

Mrs Clarke Counting

Mrs Whittaker Open, shut them

Making shaker musical instruments 

Mrs Clarke Making sounds with our bodies

Mrs Clarke Kim’s game

Mr Manchester Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaur Rumpus

Mr Manchester Ordering Dinosaurs 1

Mr Manchester Ordering Dinosaur Bones 2