Intent Statement

At Buckshaw Primary School our aim is to provide high-quality Geography lessons, which inspire children’s curiosity and interests in the world around us. We intend to equip children with geographical skills to develop their knowledge through studying places, people and natural and human environments. This seeks to deepen the understanding of the Earth’s human and physical forms and processes. Geography, by nature, is an investigative subject. Through our Quality First Teaching, and use of rich resources such as ‘Digimaps’, we intend to provoke thought and enquiry, which encourage children to discover answers to their own questions. Through exploring the local area, including our school Wildlife Garden and Astley Park, we inspire pupils to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the world.

We are committed to ensuring children understand the value and importance of Geography in the wider community, and can use their geographical skills, knowledge, and experiences to involve themselves in a variety of different contexts.


In order to foster children’s curiosity about the world, interest and creativity, we are enthusiastic about Geography and encourage children to explore and ask questions. At Buckshaw Primary School, Geography is taught through a skills based curriculum. We enable teachers’ autonomy to use the use the National Curriculum to select objectives and tailor teaching and learning to meet the needs and interests of the children in their class. By the end of Year Six, it is expected that the children will have developed their knowledge and understanding of all of the skills set out in the Primary National Curriculum.

Each class has a long-term plan with three Geography topics, which are to be covered over the year. Topics will alternate with History. Geography will be linked into some History topics, where appropriate, to develop children’s knowledge and understanding. It will also ensure all areas of the curriculum are covered in depth.
Teachers are encouraged to consider opportunities available to use the school grounds and the local area for fieldwork to enable children to base learning on first hand experiences to enhance teaching and learning in Geography.

The teaching, learning and sequencing of the curriculum follows;

  • A geography progression of skills that is organised into four main themes: Geographic and skills fieldwork; locational knowledge; human and physical; and place knowledge for each year group
  • Each theme will be taught explicitly through exciting topics, including links to other areas of the curriculum
  • Fieldwork allowing pupils to explore their local area
  • A teaching sequence that begins with a ‘hook’, builds knowledge and skills and concludes with a reflection including trips and showcases to an audience
  • Continuous CPD for teachers to ensure their skills and knowledge is developed to teach the skills confidently and accurately

The subject lead will ensure to monitor, evaluate and review the teaching and learning. In order to do this, learning walks, book scrutinies and discussions with pupils will take place frequently throughout the academic year.


By the end of their primary education at Buckshaw, our learners will have gained a rich body of geographical knowledge and a wide range of transferable skills, which they can apply to other subjects and contexts. We assess on a termly basis in order to build a rounded picture of each child as a geographer, using practical opportunities, quizzes, discussions and presentations. This enables teachers to set appropriate, progressive targets and challenge children in their thinking and learning. We aspire for children to leave Buckshaw being able to debate and discuss geographical issues and to be able to reflect and form their own opinions on matters such as climate change and natural disasters. We measure our impact based on pupils’ confidence to ask and explore questions to further their own geographical knowledge and understanding. They will be inquisitive young learners and citizens who choose to understand global environmental issues and seek to make a personal difference in protecting and shaping the world we share. In this way, we prepare our learners fully for transition to secondary school when they leave Buckshaw.

If children are achieving the knowledge and skills in lessons, then they will achieve age related expectations at their end of each academic year. Children will understand and apply subject specific vocabulary. Children will develop a love of geography.

Curriculum Overview
Progression of Key Skills
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