At Buckshaw we are teaching the New National Curriculum for English from September 2014.

All of our children are encouraged to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. We have a well-stocked library which children visit on a weekly basis. Visits to the local County Library are also encouraged.

Our children have access to a variety of reading schemes. Reading books are taken home to share with adults on a daily basis. A record of children’s progress is recorded in a HomeSchool Reading Journal.

Throughout the year various events are held to give our children the opportunity to explore literacy. The Book Fair, visits from drama groups and other literacy based groups are examples of such events. All aspects of writing – including spelling, are covered in daily lessons. Children are encouraged to practice the skills taught using ICT and interactive games. This enables our children to take an active role in all lessons, learning skills in a ‘hands on’ way.

The teaching of phonics and spelling are a vital part of literacy. Children are encouraged to learn spellings and their ‘patterns’ on a weekly basis, with a hope that this transfers through to their written work. KS1 children have three separate ‘Phonics’ sessions a week and KS2 have two spelling sessions.

Parents are very important partners in helping to develop the skills in literacy, and are encouraged to hear their children read, help them learn spellings and continue their learning at home.


Click here for the KS1 English Key Learning Skills

Click here for the KS2 English Key Learning Skills

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Buckshaw Primary School brings you The Masked Reader.

To celebrate the 2021 World Book Day, grown-ups from school will be reading you their favourite story in disguise. The videos will be uploaded each day for you to listen to and guess, who is behind the mask…

The big reveal will be on Friday 5th March. Good luck! 


Day 1 – 1st March 2021, ‘The Gecko Masked Reader’
Day 2 – 2nd March 2021, ‘The Lemon Masked Reader’
Day 3 – 3rd March 2021, ‘The Strawberry Masked Reader’
Day 4 – 4th March 2021, ‘The Broccoli Masked Reader’
Day 5 – 5th March 2021, ‘The Potato Masked Reader’