Intent Statement

Through our computing curriculum at Buckshaw we aim to give our pupils the life-skills that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology in a socially responsible and safe way in order to flourish. Knowledge and understanding of Computing is of increasing importance for children’s future both at home and for employment. We want children to become autonomous, independent users of computing technologies, gaining confidence and enjoyment from their activities. We want the use of technology to support learning across the entire curriculum and to ensure that our curriculum is accessible to every child.  Not only do we want them to be digitally literate and competent end-users of technology but through our computer science lessons we want them to develop creativity, resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  Our Computing curriculum  focuses on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science, information technology and online safety to ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology.


To ensure a broad range of skills and understanding, Computing is taught across three main strands: digital literacy, computer science and information technology. Skills and knowledge are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children. Within digital literacy, children develop practical skills in the safe use of ICT and the ability to apply these skills to solving problems for example, understanding safe use of internet, networks and email. In computer science we teach children to understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. At Buckshaw Primary School we teach a progression of Computing vocabulary to support children in their understanding.

Across the school, children have access to a wide range of good quality resources, with opportunities for children to apply their Computing knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

Online safety procedures are communicated with all staff, parents/carers, and children at the beginning of each academic year, to ensure they also have an up-to-date understanding of keeping children safe online. Online safety is embedded throughout the Computing curriculum.


At Buckshaw Primary school we encourage our children to enjoy and value the curriculum we deliver. We want learners to discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development and wellbeing. Finding the right balance with technology is key to an effective education and a healthy lifestyle. Our ‘Digital Leaders’ encourage regular discussions between staff and pupils to best embed and understand this. The way pupils share, celebrate and publish their work will best show the impact of our curriculum. We look for evidence through reviewing pupil’s knowledge and skills digitally through tools like Seesaw and observing learning regularly.