Beyond Buckshaw

Beyond Buckshaw provides fun and motivating care for children aged 3 to 11 years old, both before and after school in a safe and friendly environment managed by professional and friendly staff. We offer balanced and nutritional snacks and a wide range of themed, stimulating and fun activities. We also have regular visits from our therapy dog Betsy, who especially enjoys greeting the children in the morning!

Breakfast Club starts at 7.50am in the Beyond Buckshaw room and a choice of a healthy breakfast and drink is included. The cost per morning is £5.00 from 7.50am and £2.50 from 8.30am.

Children are taken to their classrooms by a member of staff once Breakfast Club has finished.

Beyond Buckshaw starts at 3.15pm and the cost for the sessions are as follows.

£2.50 until 3.45pm
£5.00 until 4.30pm
£8.00 until 5.20pm
£10.00 until 6.00pm

All children are registered on arrival and a healthy snack and drink is provided. Children have the opportunity to help themselves to fruit during the sessions and ask for drinks as and when needed.

Please note that all payments must be paid weekly via SCOpay. See attached policy for more details.

If you would like to register your child with Beyond Buckshaw, a registration form must be completed. Please ask a member of staff or contact the school office for more details.

What our children say about Beyond Buckshaw…

Evie, Y6

“Children have fun here because they get to release their creativity!”

Charlie, Y1

“I like playing outside with the balls!” 

Stan, Y6

“Kids Club is inspirational because we learn new life skills”

Ollie, Y6

“Kids Club is fun because we all get to spend extra time with our friends!”

Roxy, Y4

“I like all the teachers because they are kind!”