Meet Betsy!

Betsy is our school dog who joined Buckshaw Primary School in April 2019 at just 8 weeks old.  She is a Cockapoo, this breed is hypoallergenic, which means children/adults who have allergies may still be able to have contact with her compared to other breeds.



Betsy is a lovely natured dog who adores any human interaction.  There is nothing she likes more than to sit with both children and staff and be stroked.  That is her little bit of therapy.





Betsy lives with Miss Deane (School Business Manager) and comes into school every day.  She  gets very excited when she arrives at the school gates and cant wait to see the children and staff.




Betsy is very good at reacting to people and her environment. The human-animal bond can impact children in positive ways.  Research shows that therapy dogs can reduce stress along with many other benefits:

  • Help develop social skills – Mrs Mensforth takes Betsy out for a walk each lunch time along with 2/3 children.
  • Teach empathy and appropriate interpersonal skills.
  • Improve children’s attendance; we have already seen a significant improvement – especially with those reluctant children who do not want to attend school sometimes. They love time with Betsy before going into class.
  • Positive changes towards learning and improved motivation. Children can spend time with Betsy during the day not only as comfort but also as a reward.


Betsy also spends time with our Learning Mentor/Family Support Worker, Mrs Catterall, when supporting children with social and emotional learning needs, which in tern can assist with literacy development.






Mr Farnworth our Site Supervisor made a special area for Betsy to use as a toilet if needed, this is located in the wildlife garden near the Key Stage 2 entrance.  Betsy has a long walk before school in the morning and then another walk at lunch time where she can stretch her legs after a snooze in the school office.




Betsy’s Likes

Listening to children read to her

Treats, especially her kong filled with peanut butter!  She will do all sorts of tricks for a treat.

Mrs Brooks – she gives the best cuddles!

Long walks in the fields – especially where there are rivers to swim in!


Betsy’s dislikes

Busy roads

Her waterproof coat!


Being brushed




Below you can keep up with what Betsy gets up to both in and out of school!

Bathtime Fun!

Miss Deane caught Betsy waiting for her bath recently.  This is something Betsy enjoys, which is good…especially after she enjoys swimming in the river!

Betsy’s First Groom

As Betsy is a Cockapoo, her breed means that she does not moult.  Therefore, at 6 months old Betsy had her first haircut!  She was certainly ready to be able to see through those locks of hair.  She will need to be groomed every 6-8 weeks now she is getting older.  However Miss Deane still needs to brush her coat every few days (Betsy doesn’t enjoy this so much and just wants to play.

     BEFORE                                              AFTER








Betsy turns 1!

Betsy turned one year old on Monday 3rd February.  Miss Deane treated Betsy to a

new soft toy (chicken) which she already carries around the school office showing everyone.  Jacob in Y6 mum kindly gave Betsy these balloons to celebrate her first birthday!

Working from home has distractions for Miss Deane!

Everything is a little different for everyone at the moment during the Covid-19 lockdown.  This includes Betsy’s working life.  Miss Deane is working at home and every so often little Miss Betsy requires some attention…even if that means jumping up on the garden furniture to peep through the window and say hello!   Betsy misses everyone and can’t wait to see you all soon!  Stay safe everyone!